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The Future of the Graphic Novel

Last week I was delighted to attend The Future of the Graphic Novel panel event at the London Southbank Literary Festival, featuring artists Isabel Greenberg, Tom Gauld and Catherine Anyango. Here’s how the evening unfolded.

How to approach that first edit

It’s not easy revising your manuscript for the first time (or the second, or the eighty-fifth…) but unless you are a God-like Chuck Norris kind of a person, chances are your first draft won’t be perfect and will need an edit.

Featured Interactive Timeline

Saga Comic Interactive TimelineInteractive Timeline for Saga Comic by our Sian!

Plotist on Instagram

  • We thought we'd take a moment and introduce everyone to our team! #selfie #plotist #OurLittleFamilyWorkingForYou
  • While some our team were busy with Google Cardboard, our Community Storyteller was busy working to translate this found object. #FridayFun
  • Armed for #TowelDay, our Community Storyteller is now capable of braving poetry thanks to Stephen Fry

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