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Contest: Worldbuilding in Plotist with prizes

Our latest update to Plotist opened the door to other worlds, allowing you to look at the worlds and timelines of other creators and to offer your support through our new star system. You can learn all about those changes here. To celebrate this community...

Bendis: The new version of Plotist

Wow! It feels like it was only yesterday when we released Plotist Adams and yet, we’re back with a new and exciting release full of fresh features! This new version of Plotist focuses on our community. Profile pages and the option to create public stories already...

Featured Interactive Timeline

Saga Comic Interactive TimelineInteractive Timeline for Saga Comic by our Sian!

Plotist on Instagram

  • We thought we'd take a moment and introduce everyone to our team! #selfie #plotist #OurLittleFamilyWorkingForYou
  • While some our team were busy with Google Cardboard, our Community Storyteller was busy working to translate this found object. #FridayFun
  • Armed for #TowelDay, our Community Storyteller is now capable of braving poetry thanks to Stephen Fry

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