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A passion planner

Finding it increasingly difficult to fit your life around writing, or your writing around your life? Some of us depend on electronic calendars or apps, but paper has recently made a comeback as the go-to planning solution. Passion planners are a big favourite of mine: they’re beautiful to look at, fun to fill in, and make space for all the important pieces of your life. The official site has a choice at the moment of blue blossom or rose gold.

A book light

This lamp imitates how we all feel on opening a book! This book-shaped light from The Literary Gift Company opens up into an array of glowing pages and makes a beautiful desk accessory. Available in maple or walnut, and a mini version!

A gamesmaster tavern sign

This Tavern sign from Gametee could make an awesome accessory to a fantasy writer’s workspace. Rules apply to patrons, healers, swords and castings. The barkeep has initiative!

An engraved ink bottle

Know an old fashioned writer who likes to dip their quill? This selection of beautiful engraved vintage ink bottles from Vinegar and Brown Paper have lots of options, from the punchy (“Ammunition”) to the pithy (“I hate writing. I love having written”) to the dreamy (“Stories yet to be written”).

Untranslatable words

“The perfect word – even if it comes from abroad – helps us explain ourselves to other people, and its existence quietly reassures us (and everyone else) that a state of mind is not really rare, just rarely spoken of.” This set of untranslatable word cards could serve as a great inspiration pack for a writer, with words from all over the world to bring your most indescribable feelings into focus.

Create awesome stories

We give you the tools to manage your story so you can focus on what really matters: writing!


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