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Treat the writer in your life!

Myriorama cards

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Philip Pullman sang the praises of Myriorama cards as a useful tool for writers. “One handy piece of equipment, which I recommend to any writer of fiction, is a set of Myriorama cards. I consult them frequently. I think the idea comes from the early 19th century. There are 24 of them, each one showing a slice of a landscape, sometimes with figures, sometimes without. You can put any of them next to any other, and the pictures join up perfectly, so you can make a vast number of different scenes. “When in doubt, have a man come through the door with a gun,” said Raymond Chandler. Or pick a Myriorama card, or several, and see what comes to mind.” Two particularly nice sets floating around the web currently are The Hollow Woods and Mystery Mansion. There’s also a cute Tom Gauld set called ‘Endless Journey‘ inspired by the words of Laurence Sterne.

A Star Wheel notebook

This hardcover notebook is not only beautiful, but could also provide a helpful detail for your stories: you can rotate the star wheel on the cover to find the visible constellations in the sky at a specific date and time, any night of the year.

Rocket launcher pens

I’m always mining the treasures of the Grand Illusions shop, and recently they added these rocket launcher pens to their collection. Press the button on the holding device and the pen lifts as if ready for take off! A cute gift for a sci-fi writer.

Gemstone tabletop dice

If you want something special for the gamemaster in your life, this set of seven gemstone polyhedral dice from Gametee are a lovely offering, sold in Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Amethyst or Tiger’s Eye. A little on the pricey side, but definitely a lifetime gift for anyone for whom tabletop gaming lies at the centre of their life.

Bring-me socks

I’m always looking for gifts that will make a writer’s life easier. These “If you can read this, bring me tea” socks from Momenti di Vita are bound to do the job if you’re in the middle of a good scribbling session and need some silence but good service from your housemate/significant other!

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