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A weekly round up of writing tips and inspiration

“Don’t let your travel time be a waste! If you’re flying, make it a point to work during the flight. If you’re driving, see if someone else can drive. Traveling can be hectic, especially at a busy time of year. This is one of the best ways to also make it productive. It can also make it more enjoyable. If traffic is terrible or your flight is delayed, it means you get more time to write!”

A Well Told Story doesn’t believe being busy is a good excuse to neglect your writing. From scheduling to travel-writing, they have you covered through the holiday period!

“You’re probably staring at the screen, gaping. After all, NaNo is now over and you’re thinking about editing your novel. Well, I’m here to tell you that editing is not a good thing to do in a busy season. Believe me, I speak from experience. Editing takes lots of time, blood, sweat and tears. The Holiday season also takes those things, so the two of them combined will be a nightmare. So, I am here to beg you to set aside editing until after the New Year. Then, you can jump all in.”

In the second part of a 12 tips for Christmas blogathon, Ke Stanton lays out not just the do’s, but also the don’ts of holiday writing: leave editing to to the side and don’t work completely on your own. Don’t forget to reward yourself: it’s the time of gifts after all!

“Writing during the holidays will improve your mood and help you maintain your sanity. Between Aunt Mildred griping about the pie not being low-fat, the store not carrying the one gift that you needed to purchase, and the extra helpings of turkey filling out your jeans, the holidays can be riddled with stress. Use writing to relieve that stress and grab a little ‘you’ time. If you spend a half an hour a day writing, you will feel more relaxed and happy for the rest of the day.”

The Samantha Proctor blog prescribes writing during the holidays as a way to reduce your stress levels. Whether family fueds or stressful Christmas dinners, let writing be your escape.

“Cross off the actual holidays—these days are to be spent with your family and friends. No writing! It’s okay, really. The only business you may conduct on those days is to interact with others and enjoy life. Think of the opportunity to people study.”

The Ruby-slippered Sisterhood has a fun little holiday writing recipe for all the essentials you will need to get typing, including an apartment in desperate need of cleaning and a measure of relaxation.

“For those of us whose holidays are filled with unresolved tension and bickering, the Christmas dinner table is the Holy Grail of inspiration for writing about family life. Take note of the verbal—and nonverbal—sparring, and make observations on body language, dinner conversation, and character traits. Remember, family tension equals plot tension in your novel!”

Finally, this little piece at Xulon encourages you to make use of the holidays for story inspiration! From wintery atmosphere to family dysfunction, there’s plenty of holiday fodder to hoover up for your latest plot!

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