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When we left beta, we mentioned that more features were coming, and this is just the tip of the iceberg (ah, to use cliches or not to use cliches). One feature we have been working on behind the scenes is the ability to export. We wanted to ensure you could export everything you did at Plotist to allow you the freedom to share your worlds, timelines, and stories in a way that was easy and yet still beautiful.

Breaking the mould

Currently, we offer seven different export formats for World Elements and Stories (see image below).  In order to export, you need to be the owner of the world, or story, that you want to export. If you want to export a timeline, you need to be the owner of the world that contains the timeline. Each export will have the title, your name, and the date you exported it to help you keep track of the different versions.

Formats Currently Available for Worlds and Stories: Plain Text, Markdown, HTML, Microsoft Word, LibreOffice Writer, eBook, and PDF

Timelines that you export are put into a comma separated value format, or .csv, that can be opened and viewed in any application that handles spreadsheets.

Our Help Center has guides for exporting stories, worlds, and timelines.

But wait, there’s more!

We’re not finished with the export feature. We are going to be adding another format (.mobi) soon. We’ll also be working to modify the exports to include pictures as well. And of course, we have new features not related to exporting brewing in the pipeline. If you have any suggestions, or feature requests, do reach out to us via our DiscordForums, or Live Chat, or leave a comment here. We love hearing from you!


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