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Creative Commons is a method of extending your copyright to allow others to embrace what you’ve created and, based upon what type of license you have selected, remix it. We have a fantastic guide to help you understand how you can use it for your writing here at Plotist. To us it is one of the foundation blocks of open culture.

Recently, we connected with ccMixter, a global community of musicians who use Creative Commons to create music that can be used in a variety of ways (see the Hello message below). The result caused our entire team to cheer, our minds racing at all the possibilities that having an open culture presents to us writers. Opportunities that we want to make sure you are aware of!

A while back Jay, our CEO, wrote a short story called “There is a gap” and put it up on Plotist using a CC-BY-NC 4.0 license. I then took his rather creepy creation and, after verifying the tone he imagined for the story, recorded myself reading it and put it up on ccMixter. The results were three incredible remixes by Kara Square, Speck, and Stefan Kartenberg. Side note, I am now scared of my own voice.

Currently, ccMixter is running an “Under the Tree” remix event and our entire community has been invited to participate. If you have a poem, or short story (about 400 words long or less), I highly encourage you to record it (spoken word style) and upload it. If you’re musically inclined, you could even sing it acapella! If you would rather have someone else read it, the ccMixter community (along with your fellow Plotist users here) can help.

I encourage each and everyone of you to take a moment and create something. Who knows what holiday magic will transpire? Once you upload, let us know so we can come support you!

A Hello from the ccMixter Community by Kara Square

Hello Plotist Community! I’m Kara Square, part of ccMixter’s admin team. It was awesome to have connected with Josey on Twitter. Through our conversation, we realized our shared enthusiasm for open culture and creative collaboration. What we do on ccMixter by sharing our music with Creative Commons licenses is essentially the music version of what Plotist makes possible for writers. Let me share a bit about ccMixter…

ccMixter is a global community of cooperative musicians. Together, we create open source music that is legally used in thousands of YouTube and Vimeo videos, Soundcloud remixes, apps, games, and of course, audiobooks. All of our music (a cappellas, samples and remixes) uses Creative Commons licenses, which allow others to build upon and utilize our works, as long as they give us credit (and don’t commercialize unless the license is CC BY).

The coolest thing Josey and I discussed is that our Plotist and ccMixter communities can collaborate in some exciting ways!

  • Inspiration for your writing: ccMixter has over 40,000 remixes that Plotist writers can draw on for inspiration while developing stories. All of our music is free to listen and download.
  • Backing tracks for your visual projects: Our music can be used in your live streams and book trailers.
  • Soundbeds for your spoken word pieces: You can use our music as the soundbed for recorded readings of your short stories and post your remixes on ccMixter.
  • Get remixed: If you upload your reading as an isolated vocal, the ccMixter community can remix it with a new backing track.
  • Request help: When you share your Creative Commons licensed short story or poem on Plotist, you could then visit ccMixter’s forum ( and let our vocalists know it’s available to record.
  • Find a vocalist: When you join ccMixter, you can even find a vocalist you love and contact them directly to collaborate.

We are invigorated by the world of open culture. It is exhilarating to find a writing community that is advocating sharing. Thank you to Josey and Jay for allowing us to share a bit about ccMixter. We hope these ideas inspire the Plotist community!

Learn more about ccMixter:
ccMixter’s dedicated search engine:
Free music for commercial use:
How to attribute:

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