The True Horrors of Nanowrimo: The Halloween edition4 min read

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This Halloween, we’d like to introduce you to the true horrors of Nanowrimo!  Grab your pitchfork and pumpkin, it’s gonna get ghoulish!

Horror #1: Ghosts

You know how hard it is to come up with an exciting new story for most of the year?  Not so during Nanowrimo.  As soon as you commit to the story you are on the Ghosts of Stories Past, Present and Future all start to haunt you.  They sound so much better than the story you’re currently trying to put down in 50,000 words.  They glitter tantalisingly in the distance, just above the computer screen horizon.  Dare you change your mind half way through the month and follow the spectre of a new story?  This one is your call!

Horror #2: Vampires

They drain all your energy.  The scenes you don’t want to write.  The characters that will probably need to be written out when you overhaul it.  They suck everything out of you until you’re writing at a speed of two words an hour.  Just stop.  Ditch them now.  Go with the new plan and fix the continuity errors later.  Add notes to remind you what needs to happen in an interim passage.  Get to a point in the story that excites instead of drains you and keep those words coming!

Horror #3: Zombies

Oh bums.  You’re feeling your lack of brain a little bit.  You’ve written so much you’ve burned out and become a Nanombie.  (New word.  Totally gonna trademark it.)  You can’t remember where you were going with this story and the plot holes are overwhelming.  You need to find a way to recharge that brain of yours.  So follow your Nanombie instincts and prey on the brains of other people.  Speak to your friends, to your Nano buddies, to the brains that programmed random plot generators on the internet.  Get them all to help you get back on track with new plot insight or a whole new plot trajectory to shuffle down in a slightly less listless manner.

Horror #4: Demons

Yes.  The red, red eyes of sleep deprivation.  The claws and bent spine of too much typing.  The grey skin tints that come from lack of sunshine.  No matter how Nano is going, do try to get outside.  If you see a fellow struggling demon, do try to drag them outside with you and grab some coffee.  We’re all in this together!

And last, but not least…

Horror #5: Candy hangovers…

Just like Halloween, Nanowrimo is a sugar fuelled event.  Unlike Halloween, it last for 30 days.,.  If you’re due a dentist appointment any time soon, see if you can fit it in before the sweet, sweet mayhem ensues!

Whatever you’re writing this Nano, good luck, and may you be blessed with a purple bar of victory!

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