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There’s a lot of writerly activities brewing in October – not only is NaNoWrimo lingering in the distance , but for the horror storytellers among you, Hallowe’en is just around the corner. Take a look at this month’s writer’s gift guide to see if these goodies can help you in your endeavors!

NaNoWriMo group noveling chart

Have you started preparing for NaNo yet? The official NaNo shop is stuffed with merch to encourage you during next month’s trials, but my favourite item on their shelves is this group noveling chart. A great accessory for local NaNo communities, the chart allows you to track percentages, featured writers and keep the monthly countdown updated. They also throw in plenty of stickers and NaNo pride pin buttons for a bit of fun!

Storyteller pencils

This thoughtful set of storyteller pencils from The Literary Gift Company will give your stories a head-start by providing you with your opening line: “Once upon a time…”, “It was a dark and stormy night…” or how about “In a galaxy far, far away…” A fun gift for any writer on the move. Their cousins, procrastination pencils and de-motivational pencils, are perhaps less likely to help, but may be more likely to hit the right spot for other writers!

Ghost story dice

Planning any scary stories in time for Hallowe’en this October? These ghost story cubes should be a good way to get the dice rolling (sorry not sorry for the pun). With quirky illustrations of Frankenfolk, ghostly figures and haunted castles, there should be plenty of fodder here for any horror story plot twists you wish to spring on your unsuspecting audience!

A shadow puppet theatre

Need even more scary story stimulation? Moulin Roty make all kinds of fantastic old-school storytelling equipment, and I think this shadow puppet theatre is bursting with inspiration. On a dark Hallowe’en evening with a single light source and some awesome writers’ imaginations, all kinds of stories could be waiting to be brought to life.

Mythical monster world map

Is your writer fond of delving into mythology? This map of mythical monsters from around the globe could set their tale on the right track. The poster border works as an A-Z reference guide, giving background and story myth to each monster on the map.

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