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“Make sure you look for someone who will be flexible when you need it. When I was on a tight deadline recently, my buddy reviewed three drafts of the same article in two days. You should also find a buddy who is prompt. If you have agreed to return critiqued pieces on Sundays, you don’t want to be waiting to receive yours every Monday night.”

This comprehensive article from Writing World asks you to think about what you want in a writing buddy before looking for one, and where to look when the time is right.

“Writer gloom happens to all of us. Once we let those pesky writing demons run riot in our minds it can result in ‘gloomy writer face’ for a period of time. So it’s time to turn your glum looking writing friend around.”

For the existing buddies out there, this sweet and supportive blog post from Blonde Write More proposes ten ways to cheer up your writer friend when they start to lose faith in their work.

“We stare at our computer screens all day, interacting with imaginary people who can feel more real than the people around us. This makes writing friends invaluable. Not only do they understand the process, but they can help us out along the way—as critique partners, brainstorming buddies, or just a support network for the many ups and downs of the writing life.”

DIY MFA focuses specifically on the topic of where to look for a writing buddy, looking into writing conferences, workshops and online events.

“We often shared ideas over a latte and Italian biscuit before submitting our efforts to the same magazine or competition. When we both received rejections we consoled each other as we shared the accompanying critiques, sometimes re-writing and re-submitting to eventual success.”

Finally, over at the Publishing Advice Center, published author C J Browne talks about her experience of having a writing buddy, and how sharing ideas, encouraging and consoling each other, it helped her book reach its final destination.

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