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Today is a very important day for all of us. After more than three years since the first sketches and early attempts, Plotist is finally complete. It’s been a long time, with all the ups and downs, but we made it! Plotist is no longer some crazy idea or a way for Jay to procrastinate from writing, it is a fully-featured web application for writers. In the past few years we have added a world building toolkit, a timeline, an outliner, a writing tool, and all of that with the option to collaborate in real time. We are happy with where we are today, and very excited with where we will go next.

In terms of development, we have big plans for the future. We will continue to add more features: export to different file formats; tools for annotation and revision; comments, messaging and ways of connecting with others; and better ways of discovering worlds to use, stories to read and users to collaborate with. We will still be open to feature requests, and if you find a wild bug running amok we will be happy to squash it carefully remove it from the system.

With the end of the beta, Plotist will become a subscription service. Our commitment is to make the service as free as possible, but we still need to pay bills to keep the platform running and make it even better than it is already. We will always offer a free option for those of you who want to share your worlds and stories with everyone, as we are committed to an open culture of sharing. For those of you who are working on something private, we offer very affordable plans starting at $2.99 a month or $30 a year, and all prices will be reduced until January 2018. If you were part of our beta users, as a way of thanking you for all your help we will keep Plotist free for you until November.

We could not have done this without you, our community. You’ve been very kind to us, accepting us just as we were, with all our quirks, and helping us create a tool that we are very proud of. We asked our team to tell us what they thought of our community, and this is what we got back:

When I started, I was trying to solve a problem I had when writing my own stories. It was only a few months later that I realized that maybe others had it too. When I released an early prototype in 2015 I met many people who were struggling just like me, and from that point on I made it my job to listen to their struggles. Since then we have grown a lot. Thousands of people joined us on our crusade to make writing easier and more accessible to anyone, and it is because of them that Plotist is what it is today. We cannot be thankful enough for our community, and we will always be working to give them the best tools for all their storytelling needs. – Jay, CEO

We’ve been absolutely delighted with how the community has helped us shape Plotist. Lots of you have reached out to us about the technical issues that are bound to be found in any beta software and we’ve had countless conversations about how new features should and shouldn’t work. It’s both a tremendous help and motivation for the whole team, and it’s truly because of _you_ that Plotist is what it is today. – Simon, CTO

As the Community Storyteller, I am one of the first to see your work when you share it with our community. I have the pleasure of watching as you use Plotist to track your stories, writing, world building, tabletop games, and other creative works. It humbles me to share in your triumphs—writing goals met, word counts reached, new chapters and stories shared—and setbacks—we all have them. I’ve been inspired over and over again as you amazingly creative, friendly, and supportive individuals reach out to others in our community and the Plotist team to offer suggestions, feedback, and point out the inevitable bugs. I don’t feel that words are adequate enough for me to express how thankful I am for you. Thank you for letting me join you on your writing journey. – Josey, Community Storyteller

You writers are a varied bunch. Some of you like world building, carefully recording each aspect of the world and everything that inhabits it. For this we created worlds with note taking for characters, locations and events. Then we gave you timelines to visualise those events. But then there are the storytellers amongst you. You needed the ability to write without distraction, but perhaps to reference those notes about the world. So, we added the stories part of the app. Of course, you can now also collaborate on worlds and stories too. With all this diversity and all of these different types of strategies we would be lost without your continued feedback about what works for you. Because everybody’s different and we want to craft a writing tool for everyone. Thanks for sharing what’s important to you! – Mark, Designer

So thank you very much for all your help. We really hope that what we’ve built together suits your workflow perfectly. Be sure that we will keep working to make Plotist even better. We look forward to seeing you around, writing, creating, growing as authors and connecting with others. We loved having you at our side every step of the way. Moving forward, we will continue to help you on your writing journey.

From all of our team, thank you!

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