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A monthly gift guide for writers

This month, I propose gifts to help writers capture their stories in the most elusive places, and a pinch of mystery and beauty for inspiration.

A night notebook

Ever wake from a dream with an amazing plot bunny you simply must capture? Do you have a late-night writing itch but don’t want to wake your partner? Nite Notes is a handy little notepad device that lights up when you remove the pen to jot down your story ephiphany, then goes dark when the pen is replaced to lull you back into a good night’s sleep. Sweet dreams!

Lonely Planet’s travel writing guide

Travel writing is not only an enjoyable non-fiction genre, but can make great practise for fiction writers in terms of flexing your writing muscles for setting and description. And if you’re going to try your hand at it, who better than the estimable Lonely Planet to show you how it’s done? Comes with some practical writing exercises and lots of insight from those in the industry.

A Mysterious Package Company subscription

A storytelling-through-objects subscription service that began as a Kickstarter and quickly gained popularity, this is an extravagantly pricy but high quality storytelling delivered to your door. The contents of each delivery are very hush-hush (read: “mysterious”) but there are rumoured to be beautifully-crafted letters, photos and props, even USB drives with audio! Puzzles and invesigations are put to the recipient to unravel the story. The Mysterious Package Company state that subscriptions should always be purchased under your own name, but welcome gifting the deliveries onto others.

Library-scented leaves

Stuck on the road while your writing is waiting for you at home? Or on a road trip with your notepad at the ready for every motel stop? I like these library-scented leaves from True Grace for a car air-freshener or for a soothing bath to give you that lovely library-feel, and a gentle reminder that your book is waiting to be written!

A calligraphy set

Inject some art and beauty into a story by using calligraphy! Have a shop around – there are some beautiful sets out there, and it might be worth taking a detour to your local Japan shop if you want to stay authentic. Personally I love the look of this Winsor & Newton set, which at a decent price comes with a selection of inks (gold, black indian ink, emerald) and nibs.

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