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“Though research has yet to prove definitively that creative folks are more prone to anxiety than those in other walks of life, there are some studies that have shown a connection. Regardless, there’s no doubt that writers often find anxiety to be their unwanted companion.”

Writing and Wellness presents an excellent post breaking down all the signs of anxiety in a vulnerable writer, then sets out a few sensible solutions to catch yourself before it gets the better of you.

“We’re writers and we don’t need no lousy bosses to crack the whip. We can do it to ourselves–create the frazzle, the frustration, the deadlines, the endless to-do lists, negative feedback, and the conviction that we’re not doing enough fast enough.”

Writer Ruth Harris sets out how to differentiate stress from full-on writer’s burnout, how to plan to avoid both, and how to cope if you find yourself already at their mercy.

“It is easy to exploit your creative side, as it seems so willing to be over-worked. It’s important to have self-care systems in place ahead of time to call upon when you’re feeling depleted. These practices can come in many shapes and sizes: exercising, commiserating with another writer, visiting a museum, getting a massage, or reading an Agatha Christie novel, to name a few.”

Writer’s Digest tells a story of self-care when working on dark fiction.

” As creatives, we have the tendency to be very passionate about the projects we work on. We’re also usually pretty happy to sacrifice our free time in the pursuit of those projects. Some of us will eagerly add and add to that work pile, labeling absolutely everything as ‘essential’ and ‘must be done ASAP’ in order to feel creatively fulfilled.”

Standout Books detail how to identify and reduce the stress of writing, from the long-term plans of deciding your priorities and discovering your working rhythem, to the more practical measures such as diet and exercise.

“When there are other things happening in your life, the stress of writing seems too much, so you give it up. That doesn’t mean that you’ve failed, or that you’ll give up writing forever. It just means that you’ve put your creativity on hold for a time. It will return.”

Just Write gives a shout out to all indie authors on the topic of managing stress and anxiety while writing. From writing down your troubles before writing down your story, to a good old meditation session, this post has plenty of practical advice for the fretful writer.

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