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A monthly gift guide for writers

With the post-holiday period well and truly over, there are no more excuses to postpone a good productive writing session! So if you – or someone you know – still needs a little push in the right direction, take a look at these favourite gifts for writers from February 2017.

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I’ve been playing this little game addictively all month. It’s essentially a word game set in a fantasy setting, with a fun way of making you work for your nouns and adjectives. You will battle each opponent you meet on the road by firing words at them – the more elaborate, the more damage done. It’s a tricky game that makes a great test of skill for writers! You can buy it for a friend as a gift purchase on Steam. Or, for other video game gift ideas, check out my 10 video games for writers post!

Salt Made From Tears
Food has formed the memorable detail of many a magical story (think Lord of the Rings’ llemba or Narnia’s turkish delight). With this set of fantasy salts – made from tears of laughter, boredom, envy, sorrow, and anger – not only can you pretend you’re a mad sorcerer creating potions or fantasy dinner concoctions, but you’ll be supporting a great charity at the same time – Ministry of Stories, a creative writing organisation for children.

A Little Planet
These little planet cast models could make a perfect desktop companion for sci-fi writers. Affordable and utterly gorgeous, planets, moons, dwarf planets and even smaller bodies such as Eros are all available as choices. More promising still is the offer of commissioning your own planet with custom data. For sheer beauty or for a great reference point for your story, these make a truly unique gift.

A World in a Ring
Every one of Secret Wood’s wood-and-resin rings are unique, each seeming to contain an entire universe for you to wear on your finger. Some resemble the universe of Philip Pullman’s Northern Lights, others the city of Ember or Lothlórien. If you’re lucky you’ll spot one that resembles exactly the universe you’re imagining on paper. I can’t imagine any writer who wouldn’t want to wear an entire world on their finger.

Who writes a better handwritten letter than an author? Cardnest are a subscription card company trying to encourage handwritten communication, sending you three quirky and beautiful cards a month. These vary widely from just your usual birthday and holiday cards, but also cards simply to say hello, or how cool you think the recipient is. I think it makes a lovely excuse for people who love to write, and might make good practice for those writing an epistolary or diary-style story.

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