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Our latest update to Plotist opened the door to other worlds, allowing you to look at the worlds and timelines of other creators and to offer your support through our new star system. You can learn all about those changes here.

To celebrate this community focused version, we’re holding our very first contest with prizes! Just as we’re offering more opportunities to share your worlds with others, we’re giving you the chance to support other creators and help us decide the winners.

The Contest Dates

This contest will run from February 3, 2017 and close on March 5, 2017. The results will be posted on March 19, 2017 as we need to check for quality/copyright.

The Prizes

  • Most Stars: $50 Amazon Gift Card
  • Most Shares: $30 Amazon Gift Card
  • Team Pick: $20 Amazon Gift Card

As a bonus, all winners will have their worlds featured on Plotist’s front page and the creators, if they want, will be interviewed for our blog.

How to enter

There are three steps to enter.

1. Create your world in Plotist.
The world can be original, your version of an existing world, or a mix (we know how fan-fiction likes to combine worlds). The world should have at a minimum:

  • 10 elements (characters, locations, events, etc) each with roughly 100 word descriptions, a short description or blurb, and an image.
  • Be set to public (we want others to be able to support your work through stars!)
  • Shows a level of quality that matches the love you have for the world you build in Plotist
  • A timeline is not required

2. Submit a link to your world in this forum post.
This offers other participants a chance to see your world and star your creations. It also lets our Plotist team know who wants to participate!

3. All participants need to star at least five stories by other participants.
While this a contest where the first prize will be decided by our users through the new star system, we also want to promote supporting the creations of all here who publicly share their worlds.

How to win

  • Most Stars: Requires at least 20 stars, and the story with the most stars at the end of the contest will win.  In the event of a tie, the team awarded prize together with the prize for this category will be split among the winners.
  • Most Shares: Requires at least 20 stars, and the story with the most social shares–through Facebook, Twitter, and/or Tumblr using the hastag #PlotistWBC–at the end of the contest will win. In the event of a tie, the team awarded prize together with the prize for this category will be split among the winners
  • Team Pick: The Plotist team will be going through all the entries and select a world which blows their mind. We’ll be looking for a world that we believe is so detailed and amazing that even if it didn’t make it to the top, we believe it should be rewarded.

Rules, terms and conditions, and not so small print

  • No two prizes awarded to the same world (but they can be awarded to the same creator if they submit more than one world)
  • World created can be either fiction or non-fiction, original or non-original
  • Copyright infringement (i.e copying from other sites, verbatim, not quotations, etc) will not be allowed. Copyright information for non-original content should be provided. You are responsible for the content you upload.

If you have any questions post them here, and remember to enter you need to go to our forum post here!


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