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Wow! It feels like it was only yesterday when we released Plotist Adams and yet, we’re back with a new and exciting release full of fresh features!

This new version of Plotist focuses on our community. Profile pages and the option to create public stories already existed, but there was no way to actually view or engage with other writers (except on the forums, of course). Those days of isolation are over.

Before we go through the new features, there is something important we have to explain. In previous versions, you would create ‘stories’, and within those ‘stories’ add characters, locations and the rest of the elements. Since it’s common to create several stories with the same characters and locations, we have decided to call them ‘worlds’, and within the ‘worlds’ you will be able to create stories in the next release. Now you have the power to create worlds, how cool is that?

Now on to the new features. Our new Discover page features worlds (previously called ‘stories’) and timelines created by our amazing community, and highlights our most active users. At the very top of the page, we’re showcasing worlds created by you that we believe are worth checking out. Let us know, in the forums or by email, if you would like to be featured.

Another new feature is the search bar, always accessible on the top navigation bar. You can search for worlds, elements, timelines and other users. This is the best way of having a look around. If you get stuck and want some inspiration, if you are thinking of creating a timeline for a show you love and want to make sure no one else has done it before, or you are just curious about how other people are using Plotist, type some keywords into the search bar and have a look around.

If you have a look at your worlds (previously ‘stories’), there is a new button with a star in the top right. That’s our new star system. If you are looking at someone else’s world and you like it, star it! The stars are completely anonymous, allowing you to support the creator (which will no doubt help brighten the writer’s day). And, just between you and me, in the next release you will be able to view and track the stories you like from your dashboard.

Also when looking at a public world (previously ‘story’), you can see on the right sidebar a collection of share icons for all your favourite social networks. We want to make it easy for you to share your worlds and the worlds you like when browsing Plotist.

And finally, although important, we have added “undo/redo” to the timeline creator! If you made a mistake when moving one of the events or changing the size of one of the blocks, simply click the ‘undo’ button on the top bar to go back.

We called our newest version Bendis, in honor of Brian Michael Bendis (website, twitter). In case you don’t know him, he’s the writer behind Powers and Jessica Jones. His style is very distinctive, he writes superheroes that are very human, focusing more on their struggles as humans than on their superpowered lives. Here at Plotist we are huge fans of his work, so you’d better check him out 😉

With this release, we are almost out of beta! Plotist is fully functional and works flawlessly. We are still developing the final features that we believe should be part of the app, so until we are finished with those features, Plotist will be in beta and the professional tier will be free (the personal tier will always be free).

Thank you all for helping us create Plotist with your feedback! You are awesome!

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