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Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples’ Saga is without a doubt one of our favourite running comics series here at Plotist. Hooked from the first issue, we graduated from trade paperbacks to floppies in a matter of months, practically salivating on the eve of every monthly release.

Like all truly great creations, Saga is almost impossible to pigeonhole: simultaneously a family space opera, a steamy situational comedy, a war epic and a political commentary. The story began as a star-crossed couple’s quest to show their new daughter a world far from the threat of war. Since then, it has introduced ruthless assassins, Robot royals on revenge quests, addictive pulp fiction books, spurned lovers, an adorable dungaree’d seal and his favourite walrus, and of course the ever-wonderful Lying Cat, all brought to life with utterly jaw-dropping artwork. It’s also a love letter to people who adore reading.

Saga’s unceasing side-quests, chance meetings, deaths and disappearances make for a uniquely challenging timeline, which in turn makes it the perfect candidate to run through the Plotist test!

Click here or on the screenshot below to reach the full interactive timeline.
Spoilers for ALL issues to date!

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Note: This timeline is in no way official and completely open for discussion – if you think I’m way off with the timings or you can help me out with a missing piece of information (like unmasking an “unknown planet”), let me know in the comments below and I’m happy to consider a crowd-brainstormed revise!

Learned from timeline-ing Saga:

  • The four year gap when Hazel leapfrogged from toothlessness to toddler, and later huge timeskip when she pranked her way through kindergarten was so difficult to represent! We don’t know a lot about individual events in these missing years, only general information eg. The Will cracked open the doughnuts at some point, Alana and Marko enforced a no-touch policy, and Prince IV ditched the upper class lifestyle. Hopefully at some point Vaughan might flashback to investigate these gaps – I’d especially be interested in Prince IV’s early interactions with his son and blossoming comradeship with Ghus.
  • We definitely don’t know enough about Alana’s past! There’s a lot of mystery around her (abusive?) father and his seemingly out-of-character remarriage, Alana’s dismissal from the army etc. I feel as though Marko’s conflict with soldiering and war has been explored more, so perhaps there’s a big secret waiting in the wings for his wife…
  • Embarrassingly I’d mostly forgotten about Voz until researching this timeline. But she is undoubtedly a key player, albeit in the shadows, and pretty desperate to get a hold of Hazel… first she commissions the Will, then negotiates with the Last Resistance. Are her intentions for Hazel straightforward, or more complex than we suspect?
  • YES I know I have left out Doff and Upsher and thus committed a terrible sin. I will go back and add them in at some stage in the future – and perhaps even think about adding some of the others such as Ghus – he’s one of my favourites but his timeline sticks pretty closely to Marko’s and IV’s for much of the story so far.

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