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EDIT: Many people are asking about the timeline app. It’s an app we are currently developing but it’s available as a beta and you can sign up for free. More information on how it works on the main page

We have made no secret of the fact that at Plotist we are huge fans of George R. R. Martin and Game of Thrones. As we journey through our beta stage, one of the first timelines we considered in order to test the functionality was of course our favourite moments from this popular and highly intricate series!

One storyline that has always intrigued us is the one that overshadows the entire series – namely, the abduction of Lyanna Stark and its immediate aftermath. It’s a period full of fascinating and romantic characters that have been frustratingly just out of reach to readers of the series ever since – tragic, legendary Prince Rhaegar, beautiful, wild Lyanna and the fury-filled Brandon. It is also a very confusing period, and seemed perfect to test as a Plotist timeline given that all the main players are constantly storming in and out of each other’s paths.

The TV series is rumoured to be revisiting this period of the story via flashbacks, so it gives us all the more reason to make as much sense of it as we can now, before the event appears on screen!

Here’s our interpretation of events. Be warned that even though the events in this timeline happened before the series began, there may be details that can be considered **SPOILERS**

What do you think? Have we missed anything?

Click here for the full interactive timeline

Plotist - Robert's Rebellion

Some thoughts to arise from timeline­-ing Robert’s rebellion:

  • Assuming the prevalent R+L=J theory is correct, what did Lyanna get up to during her extremely lengthy stay at the Tower of Joy, except presumably Prince­cuddling and having pregnancy cravings? Did she and Rhaegar immediately flee to the Tower of Joy or did they make any detours first?
  • Before making this, I had completely forgotten that Ned ever visited the Three Sisters. Did he taste the same amazing-sounding Sister’s Stew chowder as Davos?
  • A LOT of poor souls met Robert’s warhammer during this period.
  • Jon and Lysa, and Ned and Catelyn were married in a joint ceremony. Most awkward wedding ever.
  • How did Ned tear down the Tower of Joy anyway? Only himself and Howland Reed survived the whole ordeal. It’s not like they could dynamite the place!

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