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Every time I tried to start a novel, I ran into the same issues. I’m a very methodical writer, I like to know what’s going on with my  writing and when you are writing a short story that’s easy. But beyond a certain number of pages, things start getting messy. What’s the history of this location? Where is my villain when this is happening? Are any other things happening somewhere else?

There are many ways you can organize your writing, I’ve tried a lot of them. Some work better than others, and some are easier to use, but in the end I was not happy with any method. So, as a software developer, why not create something that has everything I’m missing in other software?

And thus, Plotist was born.

The idea was to create a writing environment where the actual writing, notes and any visual aids are all connected and complementing each other. And being online, why not make it easy to share with others to get some feedback? With this in mind, I set to work and on November 1st, I finally released a beta version of Plotist showing a few of the features I have in mind. As of this post, Plotist users can write and manage notes, and create timelines using these same notes.

With the help of our first users, growing steadily every day, I hope to see it grow to its full potential. If no writing software suits you, if common tasks feel awkward or you feel there are missing features, give Plotist a try. Anyone who signs up for the beta will have a say in the future of Plotist, which features will be included and which will be removed, no programming experience required.

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